Saturday, January 24, 2009

Long live the tooth fairy

We hit a milestone in our household last weekend. Sweetie lost his first tooth.

About two weeks ago, I was looking at him while he was speaking to me and I noticed a new "space" in his bottom teeth. I asked "did you lose a tooth?" No. "Do you have a loose tooth?" No. After examination, I discovered the culprit: an adult tooth had broken through and was shoving the baby tooth out of the way.

A few days later, I made corn on the cob for dinner. He took one bite and flipped. "Mom, Mom, I have a loose tooth. You have to only give me soft food!" Then the panic started: is it going to hurt? is it going to bleed? are you going to have to pull it? Drama, drama, drama.

As the week wore on, I would catch him playing with it with his tongue as kids do, but he never said anything about it again.

We were driving home from a little nature hike - on a deserted country road - and all of a sudden he yelled from the backseat, "Mom, my tooth just fell out and it landed in my lap." That was it.

We called Daddy and Mama G to share the exciting news. When we arrived at Mama G's, she handed him a dollar bill "in case the tooth fairy forgets you." Thanks for the vote of confidence, Mom.

We then went to the store to find the perfect container in which he would put his tooth for presentation to the tooth fairy. Whatever happened to the envelope - tooth in, tooth out money in, money out - of my childhood? No, my son wants a treasure chest or something. We couldn't find anything small enough, so he settled for an organza bag used for party favors at baby showers.

The tooth fairy left $5. I think I got a quarter when I was a kid. I hear the tooth fairy gives a lot more for the first tooth these days, and the gift is smaller for subsequent teeth. My son didn't even notice; he was delighted to find that the tooth fairy had in fact come. He checked under his pillow, took the money and stuffed it into his piggy bank, and then came to tell me the tooth fairy did not forget him and she left him a dollar.

It was surprisingly emotional for me. My baby clearly is not a baby anymore. Before I know it I will be dealing with body odor and pubic hair. Eek!!

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