Thursday, October 13, 2011

What Is It With Me and Pumpkins?

I like pumpkins.  I know I mentioned that I like foods made with pumpkin, no surprise there, and frankly, a love of pumpkin flavored-goodies is fairly common.  I mean the orange gourds themselves.  I find them fascinating.  There are hundreds of different types of pumpkins, and every one is as fascinating as the rest.  Where I live, we have an annual Giant Pumpkin Festival, where growers from all over the state come and have their big boys weighed.  This year's winner broke a State record ... 1,675 pounds (or something like that).  That's HUGE!  The same guy entered another pumpkin in a different contest a couple of weeks later ... and broke his own record with a 1,704 behemoth.  Read an article about the big winner here.  I find it interesting how he grows them, and all of the love and care he has to give them to get them to grow so big. And read to the end to see how much prize money he's won this year.  Not too shabby for a hobby.

As for me, I cannot explain why I like pumpkins.  I just do.  Maybe it stems from Cinderella and her pumpkin carriage ...

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