Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Project Pound Loss: Week 4 is slow and steady

The good news is, I lost this week.  The bad news is, last week's gain slowed me down.

The following observations have become abundantly clear: 

1.  I must track my food.  "Guessing" or "estimating" does not work, partly because I don't know the program well enough yet but also because I forget about little snacks and things that I shove in my mouth along the way.

2.  I must prepare my own food.  Seriously, it does not matter where you eat - eating "out" is not weight loss friendly.  Portions are too big (even of the "healthy" stuff).  Even "grilled" things are not dry grilled like you would do at home; the grill is regularly lubed in restaurants so food doesn't stick.  Restaurant food is heavily salted (most of the time), which ultimately results in too much sodium for the day. 

3.  I need to cook several meals - but not the whole week - in one sitting.  I need to divide it into proper portions so I can just grab it and throw it in my lunch during the mad morning dash, or pop it in the micro after a long day.  If I expect myself to cook dinner every night, I am setting myself up for failure.  If I cook for the whole week, however, I get tired of the food and want something else, usually something bad.

4.  It is not okay to binge on "bad" food after my weigh-in.  This appears to be a pattern developing so I need to nip it.

5.  I simply will not lose this weight if I do not find time for exercise. 

6.  I need to drink more water.

Total pounds lost so far: 7.6 in 4 weeks

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