Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Project Pound Loss: Week 5 and Old Habits Die Hard

This past week was NOT a good week.  I was busy, so I didn't track my food and I ate out a lot.  Didn't I just say last week that those are two things I MUST do to succeed on my weight loss journey?  Yeah, well, apparently I was just moving my lips.  And this week I'm paying the price.  I gained this week, and I gained enough that I basically set myself back 2 (or maybe 3) weeks.  Curses.

Part of the process is to analyze choices and figure out what would have been the better choice.  Without tracking it's hard to be thorough, but here's what I know.  I had fast food three times in one week.  Not good, and not okay when trying to lose weight.  Even the "good" choices at fast food restaurants are weight loss saboteurs.  During bunco last Friday, I drank too much wine.  That probably wouldn't have been too bad, but considering I had a full meal after munching on the most delightful potato chips, the wine put me over the edge.  But friends, those were the BEST potato chips (and I don't even usually eat salty snacks!)  .  So of course I had too many.  And then, during the Superbowl, I didn't eat for a really long time and then gorged because I was so hungry.  And I drank vodka lemonade.  (Gasp!)  Must. Keep. Eating. To. Avoid. Feeling. Starved.  At a board meeting last night, I mindlessly snacked on cheese and crackers.  I have no idea how much I ate, but it wasn't pretty.

I haven't ruined my first WW milestone - losing 5 pounds - but I should be reaching my second milestone and I'm nowhere close.

It's a "habit" to go hours without eating and then overeat because I am so hungry.  It is a "habit" to snack on hors d'ouerves before eating a meal.  It's a habit to drink socially and not keep track of how much I've had.  It's a habit to leave the house without eating and then stop somewhere for something "quick."  It's a habit to eat on the go.  Old habits will be the death of me.   They must die!

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