Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's a "No Pants" Day

I was catching up on my reading of my bloggy friend Boys Mom's page, and I realized I'm not paying close enough attention to the silly things my kids do.  Boy Mom is so good about sharing the little things her 8 boys (that's right, I said it - 8 boys, God help her!) do, good, bad and hysterical.  If you're interested in a day in the life, you should follow her.

So after I read some of her posts, I sat pondering.  What have my boys done lately?  They make me laugh almost daily, so surely I must have some great examples.  Let's see.  Well, they were playing with my couch cushions again over the weekend - a BIG no no - and they tore one of the cushions.  Oh wait, that's not silly; that's a reason NOT to have children.  I know what I'll share today ...

Stinker has decided - out of nowhere as far as I can tell - they should have "no pants" days.  We have pajama days, so maybe that's where he got the idea.  Anyway, it's not unusual for me to walk out into the living room where they are watching TV and see them without pants.  I usually tell them to put their pants back on, though I'm happy to let them put on pajama bottoms or some other lounging-friendly pants.  It's winter, it's cold, put some pants on for God's sake! 

Last week Stinker comes into my office area without pants.  I asked him where his pants were, and he responded - in all seriousness - "Mom, it's a no pants day."  When pressed for details about why it's a no pants day and what that means, he said, "Mom, boys don't like to wear pants.  You make us wear pants, but we don't want to wear pants.  We're just on the couch, so we're not wearing pants.  It's a No Pants day."  And then he scooted out of the room.  I followed him out to the living room and Sweetie wasn't wearing pants, either.

I fear for their future wives.

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